Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Steady Work on Bittersweet Top

 You would think I learned after all those snowball blocks fell off my design wall.  I forgot to take a photo of these blocks before taking them down.  LOL  Crossing fingers none get scrambled up since I have no reference photo. I have made sure to number and pin each row together.  It took a long time to sort these into a pleasing look, especially the dark rust because it really jumps out from the other colors.  Gotta sew these with no distractions.  


Stories On the Home Front- Saga of the Whoopie Birds
  All last summer a silly pair of Thrashers built nests between each roof beam in our front chicken coop.  Then the female became tangled in a horse hair she used to line nests.  DH found her worn out and dangling. Neighbor took the sick bird home and unwrapped hair from Mrs. Thrashers leg, then kept her for observation over night.  Mr. Thrasher called for his mate until dusk, next morning he found her across the wash. These birds call loudly to each other, "whoopie", "whoopie" !!  Mrs. Thrasher was let loose and the pair joined back up.  They flew home and overwintered  close to our chicken coop.

Fast forward to this year.  Mr. & Mrs. Thrasher had a baby, a few days ago it tumbled out from its nest.  I could hear a ruckus, the parents were both crying and flying all around.  Inside the coop six hens and a rooster were circling a little puff of fluff.  The baby seemed ok so I put it back into a nest for the parents.  Darned if it didn't hop back out!  By then I had two Thrashers flying around my head,  nicking at my shoulders with beaks and feet.   Very un-nerving, but I put the baby into a different nest and mom Thrasher was right there with it. Dad Thrasher chased me all the way back to my house LOL.

Daddy watching me.
                                                                  Baby nest.

Back inside the house...........
Mr Pibbs.  He climbed in the old blanket storage trunk while I was out playing with those Whoopie birds.    Ha.
Gotta love that cat.


  1. What an ordeal with the birds! I can't tell you the number of times I forgot to take a photo of my blocks on the design wall.

  2. Never a dull moment there, huh?!! That is so funny, thought I'm sure it was no fun for you. It's just not fair to be punished for trying to do good.

  3. Awwwwwwwwww your hubby is the fairy godfather to the married couple, and you're the fairy godmother to the baby - that's ADORABLE!!! Mr. Pibbs can be the honorary uncle fairy godcat ;)
    Please give that handsome boy some kisses from Auntie Sandra :D

  4. LOL, those birds are good parents! What a sweet kitty!