Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back to Normal ?

Bittersweet fabrics cut and sorted into sets. The old drying rack came in handy.
 Sets are finally sewn together.  I folded them and played with how they will be put into rows once cut into squares.
Actually those sewn rows are now cut into eight inch squares, just waiting to go onto design wall.  Hopefully they will be a top very soon.

Spring-like weather is so nice.  Cactus blooms are so bright and pretty.  You don't want to mess with this one. It will grab your skin and hold on. Ask me how I know. 
 Those six chicks have grown up.  We put them with Silky roo but have since put him back with the bantams.  Corky was being mean to the little hens so he has to deal with the big girls now.  All is well.
 We need rain, I cannot remember when we last had moisture.  Big rain clouds circled a few weeks ago but they moved on without leaving a drop.

DH and I are so missing that Wonky-poo.   I can still picture him like this- out checking his yard.  Wonky always went out with me if I had chores. He would "patrol" the entire area as if looking to make sure all was safe.
Thank you for all the kind comments about Wonky in my last blog entry.  It is so hard to get "back to normal" after loosing the Wonka-doo.  His leaving has left a big hole that can never be filled.


  1. That fabric line is luscious - it's going to make a gorgeous quilt when the time is right :)

    That cactus looks like a weapon of mass destruction - holy smokes I'd stay far away from that one, lol!

    I know you're missing Wonky - sending you maple syrup hugs - just because :/

  2. Your fabric strips look so beautiful! There's just something about brand new, freshly cut strips that gets me going. :) And the cactus - wow. Who would have thought something so dangerous could be so pretty? Sort of like those poisonous frogs, huh? And yes, it will take a while with getting over your loss, but you already know that. Miss Ru had to have her cat of ten years put down this week. Not fun. Ever. Even if it must be done.

  3. You will always miss wonky - and you have such lovely memories... the quilt is looking great... that cactus looks like thick pieces of rope with prickles and flowers! very arty!!!

  4. I know you have wonderful memories. We all have them. We each will have other pets and will love them in different ways. I sure do wish I could give you some of your rain. We are having 2 dry days and them another bunch. Sure different from last summer.

  5. Such beautiful and vibrant quilting! Yes, that cactus does like to hang on. So sorry to hear about you dog. It is always hard to loose a pet. Hugs to you!

  6. I know how hard it is! I still miss my Paddie girl. Big ol ((((((HUGS)))))))) for you. Your quilt looks great. Feel bad you haven't had rain in so long, hopefully soon! ps. Your quilt looks great, love the colors you chose!

  7. Great use of the dryer rack! I'd be happy to send you some of our rain. For a while there, it was non-stop day and night! Now we've moved on to just a few days a week.

    Can't wait to see the completed quilt top.