Thursday, June 13, 2013

My 'Puter Is Down

DH is working to fix my laptop, meanwhile he has loaned me an older laptop he keeps for these emergencies.  It doesn't have any of my photos so I've pulled out some old ones from my blog.  Blog posts need photos don'tcha think?
All of these have been sewn into tops with borders, ready to quilt.  (The spare closet is full of tops to be quilted!).  Oh, and the Bittersweet blocks are a top now but I must practice some pantograph quilting on the HQ16 before I touch that one.
Flannel Kitties
From my scraps.
 More swapped Kitty Blocks
 Fall Kitties (from a swap).
 This little guy is finally ready to quilt.
 Kitty quilting helper.

 This kitty really likes to help...... she's everywhere!


  1. Hope you get your puter back soon. Just wondering if you know where to find the kitty pattern. Seems like I had it once,but lost it.

  2. Весело! Я очень люблю кошек и лоскутную технику.

  3. Your helper looks a lot like the ones I have here. Sleepy! I'd love to know where that kitty pattern can be found, too.

  4. I just went through the process of replacing my broken computer--such a pain. The new one is great, but I'm still getting all the programs transferred from old to new. Hope your lap tap doesn't need replacing!