Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Posie Poodle Girl

Posie went to the Rainbow Bridge today.  She was my Birthday Poodle.  I drove up a little ways north of Tucson to meet Posie and brought her home.  That was last January, on my birthday.  
She looked so snowy white after a bath and clip.

Posie and Mouse caught napping on their noses.
After a little while they both tipped over and slept hard.

Posie liked to mouth Pibb's tail.  He liked to rub against Posie's legs and run that tail under her nose.  We always thought she looked very mischievous in this photo.
  She was one pistol of a poodle girl, kinda ornery but in a funny way.  ( ORNERY )

My favorite shot of Posie- she was deep sleeping and just rolled off her bed.  Didn't even wake up :)

The old girl was really a light apricot color.  As her curls grew she became blonder.  
The house feels so empty without Posie.  She required a lot of special care the last few weeks, now my arms feel so empty.