Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Good Sign

Yes, a new store in Sierra Vista moving into part of the old Walmart building.  It's just 25 minutes from my house, closer than a 3.5 hour drive to the nearest store in Phoenix.   
 There is also a JoAnn's Fabrics moving into the Sierra Vista mall.  I'm not sure if the area will be able to support both stores, time will tell.

Thanks to Craig's List I scored five white book cases in perfect condition.  The seller said if I took all five he would let them go for $20 each.  So, here are four in my quilt room and the fifth is on the opposite wall.
 Everything is still in a jumble but slowly it's coming together.  I'm changing out all the plastic shelf tabs for metal.  (From experience) I know plastic tabs break off, don't want that to happen again.

And yes, there is finally a practice piece on the HQ16.  I'm ready to thread the machine and play.
Red Snappers were easy to put on, my hands are fumbly so I thought pinning would just end up in lots of needle sticks.

This will be the first panto I want to learn (it's actually an old tear-away paper roll of stippling).  The stipple pattern is large, perfect especially for fun kids quilts.   I cut a length of clear plastic to cover and protect paper panto rolls.
It may seem silly to some (to have a pattern for stippling) but it will keep these stipple lines even and I won't get backed into a corner when using a busy fabric or thread that blends.  
As much as I want to jump in and practice right now, I need to grocery shop and hit HomeDespot for mini blinds.  Afternoon sun is streaming into the quilt room and summer sun in AZ fades fabric quickly.


  1. I love those shelves! You got quite a deal! :0)

  2. Well, look at you! The shelves are wonderful and they look pretty well full of interesting looking future fun. And good for you with the practice. You can do it. I have every confidence that you will be going like the wind in no time. Glad you'll have more shopping spots too. Whoopee!

  3. Hey Deb! This looks wonderful! I think your sewing room is really looking up! Love the shelves, that will be a real asset! I know you will master the quilting too! Glad you are keeping busy and getting good things done!
    Hugs, Mickie

  4. You will love the shelves and you got a great deal on them. My son built shelves along one wall for me and it has been wonderful. Have fun practicing and soon you will be quilting away. Glad to hear you will have some closer shopping.

  5. YAY congratulations on the upcoming new arrivals - I know how much I love my Buffalo runs for hitting Joanns (X4!!!) and Hobby Lobby (big bright brand new store, too - it's wonderful!) :D Congrats on the score on the book shelves - really, you can never have too many of them. Have fun practicing on the HQ16 (do you have a nickname for her? LOL!) - I can't wait to see how she does!

  6. Lucky you! The bookcases will be wonderful storage. I do love my local Joann's. It's within biking distance for me.

  7. Deb, you will love Hobby Lobby. I buy so many of my decorations and quilting stuff at Hobby Lobby. Look at you and your fabric, can't wait to see your new fabric containers. Congrats again on your new toy.