Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Good Sign

Yes, a new store in Sierra Vista moving into part of the old Walmart building.  It's just 25 minutes from my house, closer than a 3.5 hour drive to the nearest store in Phoenix.   
 There is also a JoAnn's Fabrics moving into the Sierra Vista mall.  I'm not sure if the area will be able to support both stores, time will tell.

Thanks to Craig's List I scored five white book cases in perfect condition.  The seller said if I took all five he would let them go for $20 each.  So, here are four in my quilt room and the fifth is on the opposite wall.
 Everything is still in a jumble but slowly it's coming together.  I'm changing out all the plastic shelf tabs for metal.  (From experience) I know plastic tabs break off, don't want that to happen again.

And yes, there is finally a practice piece on the HQ16.  I'm ready to thread the machine and play.
Red Snappers were easy to put on, my hands are fumbly so I thought pinning would just end up in lots of needle sticks.

This will be the first panto I want to learn (it's actually an old tear-away paper roll of stippling).  The stipple pattern is large, perfect especially for fun kids quilts.   I cut a length of clear plastic to cover and protect paper panto rolls.
It may seem silly to some (to have a pattern for stippling) but it will keep these stipple lines even and I won't get backed into a corner when using a busy fabric or thread that blends.  
As much as I want to jump in and practice right now, I need to grocery shop and hit HomeDespot for mini blinds.  Afternoon sun is streaming into the quilt room and summer sun in AZ fades fabric quickly.

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