Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Still Making Quilt Kits and Working with Poodle Rescue

This sweet girl has been with us a few days.  She popped up for sale on CraigsList.  The Poodle Rescue asked if I would pick her up and I did.  She will go up to the Phoenix area, there is a family waiting to adopt her.  (Sorry, there is a bit of glare in my photo).
 Miss Mocha is 2yrs, she is not "broken" as in abused or neglected.  My goodness it has been fun having her.  She is still puppy-like. Wants to play and sit on a lap, very snuggly.  Lucky is the family that adopts her.  I meet transport up at the interstate 9am Wednesday morning.  Yes, I'm gonna cry to see her leave but cannot keep them all. The rescue group does an excellent job placing these standard poodles.

Finally broke open a jelly roll of Little Matryoshka by Riley Blake.  My stash had two yards of a perfect white and cream to go with this line of pretty fabrics.
Below pic is the pattern I'll be using, a simple Rail Fence block. The pattern asks for one outside edge fabric strip on each block to be a lighter TOT.  That TOT will break up these busy fabrics and set a zig-zag path thru the quilt top. I'm thinking my white/cream will work perfectly.
Pattern name is "Country Lane" from Simple Quilts and Sewing magazine.  I've been cutting out favorite patterns from my stack of older magazines.  It's just to time consuming (for me) to catalog and go thru saved magazines to find a pattern.  These cut patterns go into a plastic sleeve set in a big binder.
For now I have to set this project aside. My DH asked if I could make a throw sized quilt for a wedding gift.  A friend at work will tie the knot mid-June.  Gotta get busy and start that!


  1. What a pretty Baby! And how good of you to be the middleman. Your rail fence is looking good already. I've got one of those on my back burner.

  2. A great dog like that on Craigslist? What is wrong with people?

  3. Miss Mocha looks quite at home at your place.. she will miss you too!!! love your new quilt in the making ... I also seem to have files with my favourite quilts... and other things to make...

  4. Love Miss Mocha's heart-shaped nose, and that she is making herself right at home sitting in your chair.

    I also cut out favorite patterns and put them in binders.

  5. Love that you are able to help so many poodles, even for a short time. It is so rewarding to be involved!

    Those fabrics will be really pretty with that pattern...can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwww what a sweet girl - I hope her new forever home loves her and takes good care of her :) The matryoshka fabric line is cute - I gave the nesting doll print to a friend who loves that theme - actually it came from another reader of yours - Mickie from 3 Poodles and a Nana - she gave it to me in March when I visited, to give to my friend!

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