Thursday, April 18, 2013

Love Those Homespun Fabrics

A nice stack of homespun fabrics, half yard cuts found on eBay last year.  DH "gave"  them to me as a Christmas gift.   Also found a nice smooth muslin to use as a background fabric (Roclon). 
The plan is to turn these homespun fabrics into star blocks and maybe churn dash blocks too.  Some folks may find these fabrics boring, not me! Scraps left could make some nice 4 or 9-patch blocks mixed with other muted prints.  
How far will half yard cuts go?  LOL-  I'll see and let ya know.

Neighbors mare had a little filly two weeks ago.  The mare is an older Quarter Horse breed.  The baby really pulled her down, at one point she was laminitic. I went to visit the day after the filly was born. OMG, the mare looked soooo bad then.  She is looking 100% better now.
It's fun to look out front and see this cutie.  I know when mare and foal are out and about cuz our old Mooser gelding nickers to the pair when they come nearby.  Makes me want to raise a foal too, but with only geldings on this little ranchette, it ain't gonna happen.  Been there and done that, lots of work.

Visit with my doc last week gave answers to why I've been so tired.   The blood pressure machine kept giving very different results so an EKG was ordered.  Long story short,  the paper graph showed periods of no peaks and then small blip marks followed by normal peaks with repeats.   My goodness now the dizzy spells and shortness of breath I've been experiencing paint a picture.  My heart skips several beats then flutters to get going into normal beats, all this repeating over and over.  (((sigh)))
I chalked symptoms up to meds and the fibromyalgia plus asthma that another doc diagnosed.  
Now I'm waiting for a refferal to have a cardiologist administer a chemical stress test. Oh joy.  Meanwhile I'm taking it easy and won't fret. Just gotta wait for test and results then ask lots'a questions.


  1. The homespun fabrics will be great in stars or churn dashes, but you know I love nine patches too. You will have fun working with them. Neighbour's filly is so cute, she looks like the mommy.

  2. You better just take it easy, Missy, until you and the doctor(s) figure out what's happening!

    Pretty fabrics, and pretty little foal!

  3. You are the master of churn dash blocks, that's for sure! These will make pretty ones. And that little foal - oh my goodness - cuteness personified! My aunt quoted Bette Davis to me years ago, "Getting old is not for sissies." But when you consider the alternative, it's still the best game in town. Hope everything turns out to have an easy solution. I'll be praying.

  4. Such beautiful fabrics. I love those colours. Glad you are getting some answers for your symptoms. Doctors are great at fixing things they can diagnose. Take it easy.

  5. You must be relieved to have found the real source of the problem. Now for the solution! They do wonders with these kinds of ailments today.

    I got what Joann's listed as homespun. I've been afraid to use it because the weave seems to be much looser than most cottons. Do you wash your fabric first?

  6. Glad you are headed to a Cardiologist. They discovered I had A-Fib (irregular heartbeat) when I was in the recovery room after shoulder replacement surgery. I took a lot of those tests (the chemical stress test) is much better now then when I first had one. I take meds and now I even do my own blood test to see how thin or thick my blood is. Good luck
    That foal sure is cute

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  8. I love plaid fabrics for quilts. They are getting harder to find in quilt shops.