Friday, May 3, 2013

Beautiful Fabric & Mocha Memories

Thinking about using these fabrics for the wedding quilt.  (Bittersweet for Benartex, designed by Nancy Halvorsen). Colors are much nicer seen in person!  Pattern will 'probly be rail blocks (shown in last blog entry).  Stripe works for binding, cream mottle for light outside rail.
  You may see the entire Bittersweet line HERE.  Also toying with using a flannel kit for the wedding quilt since the couple will be moving to Germany this summer.  My DH also liked the idea of batik fabrics and a four- patch pattern (seen in the Keepsake Quilting catalog HERE).  I have batiks stashed.  That four-patch pattern has lots of blank space that deserves a nice specific quilting design (but I want to use an easy all-over panto). Will let my DH pick which quilt he wants.  

Well. Mocha is gone. I dropped her with transport Wednesday Morning.  What a sad feeling for me.  I went to the nearby WallyWorld in Benson to schlep around and take my mind elsewhere. Bought summer jammies and a strawberry lemonade to sip on my 40 mile drive home. Lucked out in the tiny fabric department to find five yards of a heavy weight perma pressed Roc Lon brand muslin.  That muslin will go well with some "prim" projects I have stashed away .

Two Mocha memory pics I'll keep.  Found time to clip face, feet and tail,  oh she was so good about that.  (I'm partial to a clean face vs fuzzy face on poodles).   Mocha's nose was forever dusty from snatching toys and romping across the front field.  (Thanks Sandra for pointing out Mocha's heart shaped nose, I had not caught that).  Snapped the below photo after she lapped from my glass of cold water. Silly girl did not even blink from the flash. LOL  Flash makes her look silver but she is truly a deep inky black.
 Here she is clean and clipped,  ready to play and always in my chair if I was in the quilting room.  (That room is so bright I don't know how to keep glare from morning pics).   My DH said he misses Mocha's being so busy and inquisitive all around the house.  I know that's the puppy still in her and over time it will settle out.
Founder of the poodle rescue met Mocha and said she is a wonderful girl, there are so many families wanting a standard poodle just like her.  I'm glad I don't have to be the one to choose the family Mocha goes to. It was hard enough giving her up to a foster home.


  1. She IS a beauty. Isn't it funny how quickly the babies grow into our hearts?

  2. Lovely photos of Mocha, I'm sure she will go to a very loving family.

  3. Oh wow - Bittersweet would make a most GORGEOUS quilt - what a beautiful line! Mocha is beautiful too - is she in Phoenix now at her new forever home? She's a lucky girl :)

  4. I'm a wreck at fostering because I want to keep them all. The last 2 dogs I fostered never left. That was three years ago. :o) I have no clue how to quilt but have a great appreciation for the finished product. I think the fabric looks beautiful. :o)

  5. Beautiful fabric. She is a lucky puppy and a sweet girl. We just fostered a girl too. I have to paint my dining room chair...somebody thought it is a toy.

  6. Those colors are amazing! I can not wait to see it come together!
    Mocha is beautiful - it breaks my heart to see animals who have been abused and I would want to keep every one I fostered. Being a foster family is such a lovely thing to do and it's a wonderful gift for the sweet pets and loving families.
    I've been thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better.