Thursday, April 11, 2013

Busy Time Here

Still working on setting up the quilting room so things are a bit messy and jumbled. I won't document in this journal- I want to forget that part! LOL

Never underestimate a slight breeze.  I found that if certain doors and windows are open at the same time, it spells disaster for blocks on my design "wall".  Some of the rows were sewn and blocks were placed so it was a good mix of darker to lighter shades of blue. 
 A sudden wind came up and all those blocks were in a messy pile on the floor.   Here I am starting over.  Why did I not think to capture the setting in a photo to refer back to?  I will from now on *#-o d'oh!.

Last week I ordered two scrap bags from this on-line store.  Both bags are 1800's reproduction fabrics, my stash is mostly empty of those.  I'm very happy with the size of cuts and selection.
 These will go into  a fun  scrap quilt, maybe a four-patch or stars with unbleached muslin as background.

Bird life is getting busy around our yard.  These are Scaled quail aka "Cotton Top", very flighty and hard to capture in a photo (been trying for a year).  Haven't seen the Gambel's quail  around yet.  Mated pairs show up to glean any feed the roosters leave out back. Now that I know the quail are scouting for food there will be extra put out for them.
Last year mom and dad Quail proudly brought their brood of 14+ to visit and feed around the yard.  Many times during the day I could hear them calling down in the wash- "chuck, chucka, chuck chucka".  At dusk small groups would come around our hen coops for water and stray feed.  I don't know where these little birds go for winter,  it becomes silent  in the fall until spring.

OK, gotta keep chugging along on sorting and moving my sewing/quilting stuff.  Slow going but eventually it will get done. I keep telling myself that anyways  *8-| rolling eyes.

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