Thursday, February 28, 2013

One More Quilt Show Quilt

Another Quilt Show quilt from last Saturday. Gotta love a Churn Dash quilt ;-)  it stopped me in my tracks.  Many of the blocks were made from Old Glory Gatherings fabrics.  
 I lucked out by finding a layer cake of that line and think I'll be able to get two quilts from it.  The show vendor had many different layer cakes, only one of the Old Glory Gatherings.

Here's my new temporary sewing table.  Right now the sewing armoire is getting readied unburied /de-junked to move into the new room.  I sat a portable ironing board on two tall stools and my short rolling chair fits perfect.  The layer cake will be stashed for now, I want to finish up other projects already started.
 Maybe the blue snowball block setting can get figured out this weekend. Gotta sew something, I'm going nuts not creating !!!

This poor Posie girl is exhausted, she slept until 10 this morning.  Her vet visit yesterday did not go well. To start out she jumped past me out of the jeep and landed hard on asphalt.  I did not see that coming.  Her legs collapsed as she landed and I thought she had broken her neck. Turns out she just cut her lip but was in a freaked out frenzy once she stoop up.  Posie's teeth were snapping and she was spinning and falling all over again.
It didn't help that once inside the clinic we had to wait 45 minutes.  A little girl was running loose and wanted to "pet the poodle", I warned her mom this one may nip but mom ignored my warning and her very persistent child.  But, true to a standard poodle's love of children Posie did not nip but let the child pet and hug on her. LOL
(I won't tell you how it took two Army vet techs to restrain Posie and two tries to draw blood). Posie is not the only exhausted critter today, me too!
Clinic should call today about Posie's thyroid blood test results.


  1. Poor little Posie, oh my heart hurts for her but I'm so glad she has you to love her through all of this. I am in love with that Churn Dash quilt. One of my most favorite blocks and the colors are gorgeous. :P

  2. I love the churn dash quilt! That's another one on my someday list.

  3. Poor baby - both of you. Not a fun day at all. Hope today was much better.

  4. I'm so sorry dear Posie is having problems adjusting - I hope she soon comes to realize how safe and cared for she is and will be in her new home, and how patient momma is. I can't believe that mom ignored your warnings and let her kid bother Posie --- I guess mom has never learned that the word NO is an important and useful teaching tool for kids!!! Mine are well versed in that area, and they'd be the first to tell you that :D

  5. You are much more tolerant that I am. I can't believe that mother did not take the opportunity to teach her daughter about respect the dog's space! My heart goes out to Posey and you! I hope things settle down soon! As they say, this too shall pass.

    Love that churn dash!

  6. Takes that many to draw blood from me too!
    In regard to the Quilt Show quilt...I can't decide whether or not I like quilts where the quilting makes the quilt or the blocks. I'd be a horrible quilt show judge.
    In re kids running around...I feel like nipping sometimes too and have to restrain myself.

  7. Smashing churn dash--just proves that it's not a quilt until it's quilted. Lovely poodle that you have for a companion, too.
    best, nadia