Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Block Setting Idea

While looking thru an old magazine this pattern caught my eye.  Been playing with my blue snowball blocks on design wall, did not want to line these in straight rows like good little snowballs.   
 Turned on point makes lots of empty space to fill along edges.  I'm wondering if my little pea-brain can figure how to cut borders similar to (but not exactly like) the magazine photo.  Those blocks are 9inch, my blocks are 12inch.  Do I really need to start this top when I have so much other stuff to do?
    Maybe ;-)  yes.  While it's a fresh idea and a challenge to figure out- now is the time. 
But meanwhile  I really need to work on not cluttering up the quilting frame (and every other flat surface.  That long roll of clear plastic is for covering paper roll pantographs on the frame top.  It was rolled tight so does not want to relax and lay flat.    

I'll need to get shelving moved in so everything has a place.  The fibromyalgia flared last week after I helped DH move the heavy frame plus lifting and moving books, boxes and other stuff.  So frustrating, I can only do a little bit each day or my body gets too sore to move at all. 

Ugh, not again so soon- I found Dear Posey "messed up" in her kennel yesterday morning.  "It" was pretty much all over her so I had to bath her again and didn't have a chance to go out and purchase a muzzle.  Thank goodness she did not fight this bath as fiercely as her last.  This morning she is still clean. 
Guess I'll have to feed the dinner meal early from now on.  Posie always seems to be hungry and wants a before bed bowl of food.  She gets real cranky if her tum-tum feels empty.  What's a poodle mom to do?

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