Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pat's & Pet Sunday

Yes, we have Kitty Blocks for every holiday.   
What else can I say but Have a  Blessed & Happy St. Pat's.  Oh, and I wonder if there is a Shamrock panto to quilt these?  Have to look that up. LOL

Here we are with Pet Stuff:
Starting with- The Goofy Princess Wild Child (Matilda).  She scared me real bad a few days ago, thought I had killed her.   Dosed her with ace (vet Rx) so she would not be so freaked out while grooming. She's become impossible to clip.  'Tildas hair was long and wild, temps here are warming up so much that we have doors to outside open from 8am to 10pm.  She was walking around panting.
 Anyway, Matilda became calm enough to be clipped, she did pull her feet away and mouthed my hand but it was nothing I couldn't work with.  Beyond that it was a hard job because she quickly became limp so I could not lift her up onto the grooming table. I was on hands/knees to get the job done.
Bad thing was,  Matilda fell into a deep sleep after grooming and we could not wake her up all day or into the night.  I was so afraid she would never wake up, I was in tears.  But, she did finally rouse late the next morning and toddled outside, all normal now.  Will have to consult with Matilda's vet before the next groom session!

This one is miserable. Chelsea has very bad allergies (hay-fever), her eyes run and ears itch. Vet did ear swabs and looked under microscope for anything like a fungus or bacteria. Her ears are clean, just itchy.   The only thing that works for dogs is Benadryl,  but it makes Chel sleepy.  Other newer human antihistamines don't work for dogs.
 I  have some Zymox to put in Chelsea's ears and it seems to sooth for a while.  Her spirit is lifted with an evening walk or ride in the Jeep ;-)

Posey has been very sick. She is suffering from a lower gastro-intestinal upset (passing blood) and was refusing  food.   Vet had me bring her in ASAP Thursday afternoon, same day symptoms presented.  We came home with antibiotics and a med that coats her intestinal tract to stop bleeding.
 Yes, it's hard to get the pills down. Those little white specks on her bed show proof.  We have tried all the tricks but the only method that works is to pry her great maw open and push pills beyond where she can irk the pills out. Yes, my finger has been clamped down on. But after 24 hours of starting meds there are great signs of improvement. She finally started eating again on Saturday.
!!! Always something going on when there are six !!!

A last quick blog entry-   this years chicks at four weeks old. Sent Hubby to feed store for chicken feed and these came home with him!
All were supposed to be Buff Orpingtons but as they feather out you can see white splashes on four chicks. Maybe they are Easter Eggers or Stars. I'll have to look at breed photos after these babies  have grown more mature.
OK, must go be nurse to Posey.

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