Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Gift & Local Quilt Show

My Dear sister gifted me this wonderful Laurel Burch bag last month (for my birthday). I'll be careful where and when I  use this special bag.  Don't want to wear it out too fast!  It went to the quilt show with me  ;-)

  Laurel Burch is one of my very favorite designers, so sad that she passed a few years ago (2007).

Today there was a local quilt show, over in Sierra Vista where we used to live.  I decided I needed a girls day out and drove the 30 minutes into town.  The show had some wonderful quilts, this string quilt caught my eye.
I'm guessing the maker had a lot of strings to bust because the quilt was made with blocks both front and back.

This quilt is "Bears In My Cabin",  recognized it from a quilt magazine.  It's nice to see simpler quilts like this at shows.  They are surely more my style and I'm glad the maker was not intimidated to enter her lovely masterpiece.
The colors look warm, snugly and inviting.

Another small, simple quilt but what great use of color.  This one inspires me to cut up some of my treasured Laurel Burch fabrics.

This past Friday Old Miss Posie had a good bath.  She's dry, warm and looks like a sleeping Angel.  Not so much an Angel during her bath! Good Heavens, she was just awful  this time while in the tub. She was trying to bite my hands the entire bath.  I stuck the cream rinse bottle near her face so she could bite it. But soon there was a tooth hole and the cream was squishing out.
 I do think I'll be looking for a muzzle to put on this girl when she gets so awfully bitey-mouthy. Her face needs clipping, that will be no easy task if she tries to bite.  We understand Posie is fearful since she is so deaf and mostly blind.  The muzzle will help get her clipped quicker, she won't end up chewing a hole in the clipper cord or breaking a tooth.  My hands won't be so full of holes either!

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