Thursday, January 24, 2013

A New Project For 2013 (?)

Looking thru a recent magazine I kept coming back to the cover quilt.   I like the pattern.  Not wanting to purchase a kit I went looking thru my stash for fabrics.  Low and behold there was a stack of Ella fabrics by Red Rooster.  I'm thinking these will make a nice quilt in that cover pattern.  Purchased the Ella fabric last summer, two yards of the big flowers and one yard each of the others .

Oops, almost forgot to show the cover quilt pattern. Blocks look simple enough, the top should go together quickly.   I'll put the magazine with fabrics and start this one after a few other projects are finished.

This is not the face of an Angel. LOL The old girl is very discombobulated. I guess she is being testy with us because she feels lost.  Being mostly deaf and almost blind from cataracts makes Posie  defensive.  We try to not  pester her too much but sometimes we must handle her.  She wants to take our hands or arm in her mouth I'm guessing as a warning. The pink harness helps a little but she is very limber and can reach us.
As the days pass we are understanding each other a little more.  Mornings my husband lets Posie out from the sleeping kennel. He guides her out to go potty.  Then she comes inside ready to eat.  Do not touch until she has her food set where she can find it !  Those teeth will be snapping !  I respect that, LOL.   I'ts just going to take time for this old poodle girl to find her way.
I'm thinking maybe we should change Posie's name to  Angel.  *O:-) angel   I know she will be a sweet girl soon.


  1. Those fabrics look perfect for that pattern! Why don't I ever have that kind of luck? Maybe because I keep buying whatever catches my eye rather than making sure things are going to work together. Yeah, that's it.

    Poor Posey! It must be so hard on these older dogs, who are already dealing with the usual age-related issues, to lose their owners. Frankly, she's behavior a whole lot better than I would under the circumstances:-) You guys are the angels. It's got to be really hard to help the newcomers adjust.

  2. Such beautiful fabrics and they will make up into that quilt wonderfully...
    So patient with Posie/Angel....

  3. I love that fabric! It's going to make a beautiful quilt! :0)

  4. Hugs to posie-angel and her angels, you and your husband who are taking such good care of her! The quilt is going to be wonderful, you chose really great fabrics!!!! :) Have a wonderful day~

  5. Bless her heart! And bless yours for caring for her. That takes special people. How wonderful to find exactly the right fabrics right there in your own personal fabric shoppe! I love it when that happens.

  6. Oh, that will be a neat quilt using those fabrics. And, poor, dear Posie...sounds like she needs a cozy quilt!

  7. I am so glad that Posie is in loving hands now........God bless you for caring!!!!!Holly and ICE