Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Found Fabric & Poodle Report

Found a background fabric for second set of charms.  (Name of this charm pack has slipped my mind).  Ordered the background fabric last year for a different project but did not use.  It's a cream solid by Spectrix only it looks more like a pale yellow to me so it goes with the charm colors nicely.
 Funny how it does look cream in camera flash.  So glad this fabric worked out cuz I was not going to buy more fabric for a second quilt, must use some stash. (Go HERE to see Terry's sew-along quilt).  Hope I can keep up sewing two.  But the pattern is not complicated sew it should be do-able. Anyone may join, it just takes a charm pack and three yards of background fabric or a solid jelly roll.

Miss Posey has been such a handful.  She had a poop accident in her bed during the night.  My fault, I gave all the poodles a bit of left-over spaghetti with their supper last night. After a quick cup'o coffee for me, a bath for Posie was in order.
 She is white again.  Posie was easy to bath, no snapping or jumping around at all (thank goodness!). But once fluff-dried she ran and ran all up and down hallway, across living room and into dining room then back again, over and over.  I sat and watched, waiting for her to crash but she did not.  Finally she flopped down onto a dog bed.  Whew!

Gypsy had her dental and spay last week.  Good thing we did not wait because she had the beginnings of a uterine infection.  The vet said there was extra blood-flow to the uterus so she had to work feverishly to clamp bleeders and get Gypsy closed back up.  Also a nipple and mammary tumor were removed.
 Vet sent us home with instructions to keep Gypsy quiet.  She did sleep the rest of day after surgery. The next day she was up and wanting to jump and bounce, being her normal self.  I've really had to sit on this girl to keep her quiet.

Clouds shrouded Huachuca Mountains yesterday morning.  By early afternoon it started to rain and did not stop all day. This morning there was a light dusting of snow but clouds broke and melting started.
Now there is mud. LOL  But the wind is strong and sharp so soon mud will be hard-packed.  Warming trend will have us (predicted) in 70 F degree daytime temps by weeks end.  (I think that converts to 21 C).  Yea-haw! Warm always makes me want to start a garden but more freezing will happen before real gardening times come along.


  1. Your charms look great! I don't think you'll have any trouble making two quilts. I've made up my first row already (so I could show everyone on Feb. 1) and it went together really quickly! :0)

  2. I think you will be making some great quilts with those charms! they are great! I love your dogs, hubby was talking about a third poodle (he loves the girls) but I was negative on that....now looking at your girls, makes me yearn for a girl too.....
    Have a great day, enjoy the warmth!
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. The charm colours look good and the poodle girls look like they don't know what you are talking about. They look very sweet.

  4. Lovely fabric...should make a pretty quilt. Glad the girls are doing well...they are lucky to have you. Our temps are yo-yoing too...70's to 40's and back up again...I never know what to wear!

  5. Hello,
    I think you charm pack is Coquette from Moda. Looking forward to see your Wiggly Whimsy! Mine will be with the Hometown collection by Sweetwater, from Moda too.