Friday, January 18, 2013

I finally have my charm pack for  this  Sew-Along.   I will be keeping the finished quilt for my guest room so I did not want white as the background fabric. Things here get dusty and dirty too fast.  This Paris Flea Market  is perfect with an older Red Rooster tan dot fabric from my stash.

Below is a better look at this collection.

Posie's story:  Arizona Poodle Rescue asked us last week if we could take an older girl.  She had been left at a shelter in the Phoenix area.   Owner had gone into a nursing care facility and family did not want  to keep an old poodle.  Sad situation and sad it happens too often.  Thankfully there is a great poodle rescue organization in Arizona.  They rescue these dogs from shelters and vet offices.  Volunteers that know poodles evaluate the dogs personality so they can be placed into the right foster home while waiting for a forever home.

Yesterday Posie went for a vet check-up.   Dr. B.  found that Posie has the beginnings of an ear infection that needs to be treated for ten days.   Posie  walks with a stiff gait  so she was prescribed Rimadyl twice daily for any pain and inflammation.  Posie also needs a  thyroid replacement med twice daily. Other than that she is in good health for her advanced age of 14 years.
More photos and stories of our adopted rescue poo-kids  in the future.


  1. Posie and the other furry ones are SO DARN LUCKY to have you in their lives - you are such a wonderful furmom!

  2. love your colours in your charm pack... that can only make fun sewing... Posie is a very lucky girl...

  3. Your quilt is going to be so pretty! I almost wish I'd gone with something other than white for the background.

  4. Posie is a lovely old girl! She looks like she's comfortably at home already.

    The quilt fabrics are beautiful, too!