Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Plaid Houses BOM

Construction on my house blocks has slowed, well actually halted.  Due to life getting in the way I'll catch up some day.  We all agreed to show what stage our houses are at, so here is where I stopped.
More info if you go  HERE

No sewing for several weeks at my house.  With two new rescue Spoos and cold weather  I feel I'm treading hard but barely keeping my nose above water right now. Temps here in SE AZ are again at record lows. (7 degrees above the zero mark last night, 20's daytime).   The big horse drinking tubs have a good five inch thick layer of ice.  Hoses are frozen and don't defrost during the day. I've been hauling hot water from the house to melt a hole so both big geldings can drink. Sure don't want all the hay to jam up a digestive tract and cause a bad colic. I'm only able to lift a five gallon water container so it's back and forth with water on a hand cart. The ATV usually hauls water but it's too cold for the little engine to turn over.  Weather man says the area will be locked in this deep freeze for another week. (((sigh)))
So, not to start a pitty party I will sign off.  *8-| rolling eyes

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