Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Gypsy & Porch Addition

Gypsy seems to be happy here.  She follows us everywhere and enjoys being out front to watch chickens and horses.  But she prefers to be inside with her people!  LOL

The other poodles have adopted Gypsy into their pack.  Off they go to see who is driving down our lane.

 Checking out the shed is fun. It was moved from the side porch and will be permanently located closer to the chicken coop.  Garden tools and chicken feed will be inside and easier to get to for gardening.
 Oops! The guys put the shed right on that poodle sand-play area.  But for now Chelsea enjoys sniffing where mice have been.
When the shed was moved we saw where mice had built nests from leaves and chicken feathers.
 All that mess was raked up and thrown away. Concrete slab was poured this morning.  Guess what the new area will be?  A quilting & sewing room for me!  The old porch area is 12x15 and new added floor is 12x10 for the HQ frame.
Room for sewing machines, quilt frame and poodle rug in the middle.  Weather has been so warm and mild, hope it holds for the rest of construction.
Stick me with a pin, am I dreaming or is this really happening ?!?!


  1. YAY a fun new sewing and quilting room - lucky WONKY GIRL! Did you know this was coming, or was it a big surprise??!!

  2. I don't know who's luckier, you or Gypsy. That will be quite a sewing room!

    It's great that the pack has taken Gypsy in so quickly. That must be a Standard Poodle thing. We had a poodle/lab mix when I was a kid that was continually bringing home friends who moved in permanently. That was back when dogs ran free--I'm really showing my age with that statement. Getting Peppy resulted in getting Shorty, King, and Snoopy. Their owners finally just gave up ownership because the dogs would just come back to Peppy as soon as they were let out of the house.

  3. Welcome Gypsy! We are happy you found a great forever home! Mommy is soooo jealous, poodles everywhere, could life get any better!!!!! Oh...Mommy loves the cat quilt, great work!!!=^Y^=