Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Shop Closed

A nice little shop in Benson closed this past summer.  She specialized in  Southwest prints and horsey, rodeo western prints too.   Everything was marked down 50% off so I drove over to see what was left.  Wowser,   the store was still well stocked and ladies were lined up buying entire bolts of beautiful batik and western fabrics.
A bundle of batik FQ's looked interesting to me, no idea what they will become, but nice to have stashed. ;-)     Maybe a few tote bags made from those interesting prints?

:-? thinking A little stack of odd FQ's .  They will be good to use here and there in projects.  Five yards of the mottled grey, cuz grey seems to be a popular background color these days  (I think).  I'll figure out a project  (or two) for it.

Threads and a few notions. All half price too.

Only two yards left of the red,  and four yards of the other two. I have been keeping all the fabrics in a tote, pulling them out sometimes just to look at and fondle.  Ugh, I'm a true fabri-holic.
It was very sad to have another shop go out of business.  Sorry I did not support this one more but it was a 45 mile drive one way.  I did drive up a few times and made  purchases.  Cost of fuel is always more than ordering on line for me (ship cost).  Plus on line I can purchase brand name for half price of local shops.  Owner of this shop said business just slowed to a trickle and it was no longer worth staying open.  She's a rodeo gal (besides a quilter) and said it will give her more time to ride, train and haul to competitions.

Mouse and Wonky are snuggling up. Night temps have dropped just above the freezing zone.  Our poodles will still be clippered short because of all the weeds and seeds that stick to curly hair.  Wonky is being a stinker about letting me clip his legs and feet, just like Matilda.  Vet gave me some drugs to give before clipping but I hesitate using drugs on my poo-kids.
What is that dot of something stuck to Wonky's ear?  No telling, don't ask me ! LOL !


  1. We do what we can. I do try to buy locally when I can, but online shopping so much easier. You made some interesting looking buys though. Should be fun projects coming up.

  2. Great fabric and notions - I can't wait to see what you come up with! It's sad when the little/local stores close. Like Muddling, I enjoy online shopping for the selection and value, but shopping in person and actually being able to feel and enjoy the fabric - there's nothing like it!

  3. Thank you for stopping by our blog to leave kind words about Devon's passing. Seems like we have both had our share of unexpected passings this year. Here's to a better 2013.