Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas to everyone.

One of my favorite old holiday pet photos.  Macho Man and Simon.
May they RIP. 

       Chelsea helped decorate the tree this year.  We were a bit late doing that cuz the flu visited our house.  

Thanks for helping Chelsea, it was more fun with you! (As mom watched laughing from the sofa).

 Pibbs with his Christmas catnip gecko.

Smudgie enjoying her mouse.

Gypsy isn't sure about all the activity.

    *********Saved the best photo for last.  Our son Robert, way back when we lived in Florida.  He was a Navy guy then, stationed over in Jacksonville, Florida.   He drove the seven hour trip to spend three Christmas days with us.  I so cherish that time.   He has not spent another holiday with us .
Actually we only had a few phone calls after that.  No word in the last eight years.  I only hear that he is working and is doing well from my sister. He has visited her a few times.  No idea why he has separated himself from us.  So where ever Robert is, I hope he had a good day.   *******************


  1. Santa makes a better visitor than the flu, that's for sure! Love the family photos!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and I'm sorry about Robert - whatever has happened I hope everyone is safe and sound. Hubby and and I and the kids (and Zoomer, hehe) had a lovely Christmas morning @ home, then we visited hubby's family for the afternoon :) I spoke to my family on the phone (we'll see them in March), so it was a lovely Christmas here :)

  2. Hugs to you and Merry Christmas! Feel better soon! I know it is hard when your child isn't around, we had that years ago and it was always a cloud on the holiday. Hope you are feeling better soon...Mickie

  3. Lovely Christmas pictures.... I felt for you reading about your son.... especially when you can't understand why..... as you say at least you know he is working and doing well.....
    all the best for 2013 ...

  4. So sorry about your son. My oldest is estranged from us. He did come for about an hour on Christmas which turned out to be a most uncomfortable visit. I've felt as though only our family was going through something like this although I know that is not probable. I appreciate your candid post. Lets hope that both boys can work their way through their issues. In the meantime, we will appreciate all the great things we have in life!

  5. I'm sorry about your son. All I can say is - love covers a multitude of sins. I know you love him still, and pray for him, too. It will all work out.

    Looks like you have a really good Christmas tree decoration helper there! You tree is so pretty!