Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ugh, I was too tired to join the FNSI last night.  Running errands and grocery shopping ran me ragged.  But I do have a pretty UFO to share.

Fall is in the air, I always like to show this top. It had borders once. I picked them off, did not like how they looked. 
 I'll finish it some day. Blocks are from a swap with the AboutQuilting group.  I have a bunch more fall kitty blocks to make a quilt for my sis.  There is a vine and pumpkin panto waiting to use for the quilting pattern.
Love all the fall fabrics, no duplicates so it's a true charm quilt.
 The borders I sewed on and picked off were a busy leaf fabric.  Maybe a plainer TOT would look better.  I'm thinking maybe a medium brown Fossil Fern. Gotta decide some day soon !!!

Chelsea found a big mouse in garage.  She convinced her dad to help catch it.  He moved shelving out and decided to clean up the area.  She is trying to show him where the mouse is hiding. Turns out she was right, mouse was in the red noodle box. DH had put bait in the box.
 When the box was picked up fat mouse jumped out. Chelsea was all over the garage chasing.  What a wild time! She finally did catch that big mouse. She gave it up and DH tossed the body way down into the wash.  I'm sure some part of the food chain had mouse supper that night. (Sorry, but the mice chew wires in our parked vehicles, do lots of damage).

BTW- look at what a groomer did to Chel.  I was behind grooming and took her in to the usual shop. A new owner was there and we talked about how Chelsea was to be clipped. It fell on deaf ears because when I came back for Chel she was shaved to a nub.  No head pom.  No tail pom.  Skinned poodle.
Bit my tongue, damage was done so we left. Husband could not believe his eyes when he saw the hair cut but said he didn't think Chelsea cared and it would grow out.
Below is how she looks when I groom.  Oh well, hopefully she will look more poodly by end of year.

Rain tonight, lots of rain.  Smells so good.  It stayed warm enough  to still have the doors open at 9pm.  How nice to have October weather continue into November. DH has been freezing his patootie off in PA.  He comes home late Sunday night.

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