Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Progress On Plaid House Blocks

Supposed to share progress on my Plaid House blocks today.  Plain truth is -      
I have not worked on them.  #-o d'oh!

Scrappy Stars are finished, here are six close up.

There was only room for  20 blocks on the wall, I've actually finished 25.  Sewing these blocks became quite addicting.  It was fun sorting and picking scraps.

   I want to sash the blocks but have to think on how I will do that.


Meanwhile, out in the chicken yard there was a roo fight.  When both flocks were let out the roosters decided to have a fisticuffs drama.  Looks like Silky roo is winning.
 Actually he was not.  Silkies are not aggressive birds, it was the Dutch roo starting things.  The little guys did a lot of leapfrogging and entertained us for a while.  When tired they did the feather ruffle stand-off.  Wonky really wanted in on that action.

Miss Berry the Barred Rock hen broke it up when she nonchalantly walked between the two.   Corky looks dismayed and Howdy made a quick exit.
A bit later I had to rescue the poor Silky, his chest was bloodied from cuts on his comb and feathers muddied from being  overwhelmed by the aggressive Dutch roo.  From that day on we decided to never let the two flocks out together.  

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