Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday Treasure On Wednesday

Time really got away from me yesterday.  I wanted to share this  little quilt but it was dark before I could get around to taking pics. This morning it looks pretty on the hen yard gate.  
This quilt was made by my Aunt Valley.  Mom gave it to me after my Aunt passed,  about 30 years ago.  It's a scrap lovers delight.
 Each triangle started as a square that was folded over a thin batting piece.  The entire quilt was hand stitched.   It looks like sides were whip-stitched closed as she sewed the triangles together.  Quilting in each triangle follows along  edges about 1/2 inch inside each piece.  Stitches are tiny.
 The quilt was made in my Aunt's later years. She succumbed to Alzheimer's and did not remember ever making quilts.

Unbeknownst to me the hens and roo had lined up to admire the quilt.  They were all standing very quietly side-by-side in a straight row.  As I turned around they immediately broke their silence and went about chicken busyness.
 After the hard freeze last week temps warmed right back up. It had rained two nights in a row, now everything is dry.  Butterflies are hovering around the last of my summer flowers.
This larger one followed Chelsea and I all the way up to barn gate. It was zig-zagging, almost colliding with my head. Then it fluttered up high over mesquites and disappeared into a bright blue sky.


  1. Beautiful quilt... ithas kept its colours so well and how great to have it.... very unusual...

  2. Lucky you to get that quilt.. Its colourful and so beautiful..such great. Quilt to own.

  3. I love your aunt's quilt! anyway you could take a close up pic so we could see how she whipped them together? I 'm intrigued!!! You are lucky to have it!
    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Mickie in PA

  4. What a gorgeous quilt - such a great design, and so fun and colourful! I love bright and cheerful quilts :) Your aunt is lucky that it has been passed down to someone who appreciates it's history!

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt... such a terrible disease Alzheimers...

  6. Great looking quilt - nice that you have to share and remember your Aunt. Would really like to see some close up photos of the triangles and the edges. We could all do a little quilt along to learn these new to us techniques!

  7. Neat quilt. It caught my eye right away, maybe I'm a chicken. LOL funny story. Pigs are like that too. If you hold still and stare at them they will stare back, then throw a snowball and they all go nuts. really fun Idaho entertainment. LOL