Friday, November 2, 2012

Scrappy Stars Progress

Um....... new stars are at least sorted and now stacked, ready for sewing together.
I'm excited to finish these but for now I am sewing full steam on the Hallow's Eve blocks.  DH is excited to see that one come together.

Chick update:

 We thought the chicks were ready to go out and see their world.  Silky roo Howdy-do-dee flapped at us to stay away ! He has adopted the entire group as his own.

We had to shoo the little flock out to wide open spaces.

They stayed close together the entire time.   Curiosity finally took over and all started to peck and scratch the soil.

All six still prefer being inside close to food, water and perches.
This little group will eventually be moved out to side yard into a larger protected area. That will happen next spring.  I doubt we will hatch more chicks, I cannot see being able to sell or give any away next time, these were to be gone by now but it's really too hard to let them go.   


  1. Wow! You sure are organized with your stars! I just make up nine patch blocks and HST blocks and throw them together! LOL

  2. I love your scrappy blocks. Great fabric mix. The little chicks are very cute. I have some kitten pictures that look very similar :)

  3. Lovely blocks - adorable chicks ! I too prefer being inside close to food, water and perches. But especially to food :D

  4. Your babies are so pretty. Our girls are getting older, but I'm not ready to start again with the chicks yet. I'm sure I will, just not yet.