Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Past

Slow night tonight, no Trick-Treaters out on our dark, lonely lane.  So, we are watching some tv and I pulled up some old photos.  Costumes don't change much, same with the same old decorations but we always had fun. 

DH and Rocket 

Me and Norton  

                                                       Me and Smudgie

Ouch, Norton has claws!

Me and Macho 

My Handsome Knight

                                                           DH and Chelsea, she was but a wee-babe poodle girl.
All photos from when we lived in town and averaged about 100 kids out for candy on Halloween.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you guys would be fun to visit on Halloween - love the costumes - and do I see Halloween socks??!? I need to get me some! Sweet furbabies too :)

    We usually get 100+ kids - we live in the immediate vicinity of 2 schools so we get lots of foot traffic :D Because of the rain last night we didn't have as many kids as usual - only about 75 - but they were soooooooo adorable. My favourite costume of the night was the girl I thought was a princess, but who pulled open her raincoat to show me her sash ... which read ... DRAMA QUEEN ... lolol!! I bet the costume was her mom's idea, LOL! And my across-the-street neighbour brought over the babies (who didn't go trick or treating because of the rain) - twin 14 month olds (b&g) - their older son had come dressed as a Ninja Turtle (and had to show me how he could swoosh his sword around, lol) - the babies were a flower and a chick in an egg - I wanted to scoop them up and bring them in the house to keep forever, LOL!! I think they would have had something to say about that though :D