Sunday, November 4, 2012

Progress on Hallow's Eve Blocks & New Trees

I love all the blocks but these two are my very favorite fabrics.
 Sew far, 16 blocks finished and the rest are cut out.
 Just need a total of 21 but I'll sew extras to scatter over the backing fabric.

Saturday DH planted pines he found at Ace Hardware.  These droopy looking pines are my favorite, all four were marked half price so that was a lucky find .   We still need to put support stakes in and more gravel and rocks.  Pine (right in photo) was a tiny tree in a pot from Christmas that was planted three years ago.
Have to put lots of gravel and rocks around tree bases or the silly roosters dig the trees up.  They love soft damp earth.   We hoped for rain from all the clouds but breezy wind just scooted those clouds right on by.


  1. Those fabrics all go so well together - that is going to be a GORGEOUS quilt when it's finished! I love the orange on black polka dots :D

  2. Nice! I wish dogs had fingers to sew so beautiful. Well, I'm a boy, so not a fan of sewing but my girl dog friends should!

  3. Your quilt is turning out gorgeous!!! Your fabric selections are absolutely spot on PERFECT! Nice trees, hope you get the rain you want soon! Hugs, Mickie

  4. Your trees look like they will be happy there after a while, and the roosters will be glad you didn't let them did the trees up. I really like your churn dash blocks. That's one I haven't made yet and I want to make one.