Monday, November 12, 2012

A No Sew Weekend

But lots of plans to sew.  This pattern in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting caught my eye.  DH bought a box of "estate" ties to use but all will be waiting to open for Christmas.  He put the 60 ties into a larger box and enticed me with three.

 I'll be using  stashed cream Osnaburg for side panels (shown under magazine). It's extra heavy to hold up next to ties sewn on a muslin foundation. So glad I bought ten yards of that fabric to use in many projects.
Over the weekend DH worked on cleaning up things outside and I worked inside. Needed to de-clutter the kitchen and dining area then I scrubbed everything. Now my  fibro and nerve pain is flaring but at least the cleaning is done.

Mr. Pibbs is not yet regulated on his insulin. Blood glucose is still too high, vet changed him to a different brand/type.  We have to test at least twice a day and see if there is a good change in about two weeks.
A cats ear is the best place to get a drop of blood to test.  Thankfully Mr. Pibbs is good about getting his ears poked.  DH is traveling this week so I'll be on my own with Pibbs and the testing.   (((sigh))) Pibbs is more cooperative on the open dish washer door for his ear sticks.   His bowl is close by and he knows food is forthcoming.  I can't be lazy about putting clean dishes away , ha !  Thanks Pibbs.


  1. Oh, poor baby, and you, too. I do not envy you that at all. I'm sorry he has to go through that. Hope it's all better soon. The ties quilt looks interesting. How nice to have an "enabler" husband!

  2. Oh, I forgot to say - what a perfect header picture!

  3. Gotta love a good declutter - it makes you feel like you got a LOT done! I've never worked with ties before - that's going to be a gorgeous quilt :) I hope my buddy Mr. Pibbs' medication gets sorted soon -- I'm glad he's a good boy during his treatments (Zoomer is too - they're such good boys, those two!)) - he's a very lucky boy to have someone take such wonderful care of him! Please give him a kitty kiss from Auntie Sandra and Cousin Zoomer :D