Thursday, October 18, 2012

No "Title" Thursday ;-)

I've procrastinated on starting those Churn Dash blocks for the Halloween top.   The quilt is huge using 12 inch blocks called for.  I experimented with a ten inch block and it turned out a good size that I will use.   Had to figure out the pattern, no ten inch size to be found.
 The fabric is an inexpensive print from WallyWorld, not suitable for a quilt.  The print is so cute, I'll use the block in a tote.  Lots of free patterns on the internet.   For a bunch of ideas and free tote/purse patterns check this LINK

Meds for treating Pibb's diabetes arrived Tuesday.  I was so glad to see the Fedex  truck pull up to our gate at noon.  It was easy to figure out, syringes were in the bottom of that big plastic box. The top has a rolling slot to dispose used syringes with needle.
Dear Pibbs was out sleeping on back porch under his plant. I just reached down, pinched up a fold of skin and injected. He never acted like anything happened, the needle is tiny like a cat whisker  just about 3/4 inch long.  

 Pibbs is fed about ten minutes after his injection.  Diabetic cats do best on a special high protein food. He will be changed over to that once he goes back to vet for a three week  check-up.
Wonky always wants the canned kitty food and has been known to get his nose nicked by Pibbs.  Wonky decided to not push it today. He looks sad. LOL


  1. That's great that Pibbs didn't mind the injection. I use insulin syringes on Smokey when I give him his arthritis shot, and he doesn't mind either. I hope these meds will help Pibbs. Can I ask what his symptoms were that made you take him in to be checked out? I'm always concerned with my fat boy and wonder how I would know if he developed something like this?

  2. That is a really cute block. Love the fabrics. :)

  3. Marvelous block! The blue fabric is sooooo cool and the orange is perfect. Quite an eye-catcher!
    best, nadia