Monday, October 15, 2012

Country Homecoming Sew Along

My blocks for Oct.  We all agreed to speed up this sew-along and finish two blocks per month.
 Oh my, I'm getting far behind on doors/windows.
 I'll put other projects aside and do the hand stitching at night while watching the telly with DH.
To see other great houses (with doors/windows) go HERE.

My background fabric is Osnaburg, purchased from eBay seller several months ago.  There were ten yards all folded, not easy to work with.  I decided it would be easier if yardage was accordion folded and came across this place where there was a break that had been sewn together.
 I cut next to green threads and now have a three yard piece to work with.  I really like the Osnaburg and may purchase a few more yards. It's perma pressed so doesn't shrink and wrinkle like some muslin, also it's hefty and not as see-thru.

Pibbs is holding his own, soaking up a bit of heat on the back patio. He likes to be "under" the Bromeliad plant when I sit it out.   Maybe he is pretending to be a jungle cat- LOL.
We cannot wait to see the FedX truck Tuesday, delivering the much need insulin and needles for Pibb's diabetes.  I know Pibbs will be feeling so much better once he gets that med in his system.


  1. Fall is here, it gets dark earlier and earlier so you will have plenty of time to trim your fantastic houses!

  2. I really like the homespun houses and might make some. I have a lot of homespun in my stash and just finished a swap of homespun friendship stars/muslin and forgot how much I liked homespun!