Friday, October 12, 2012

Got Milk ???

Mr.  Pibb's  milk  face.  All the kitty cats here like a wee bit of Lactaid milk in the morning.  Pibbs especially meows (very loudly) for his milk.

 That is one pleased Puddy-tat.
 Sun is always the best spot for an afternoon nap.
Pibbs recently had his twice yearly blood test to check thyroid function. It is always low so he takes a thyroid replacement. Vet decided to run a full blood panel since Pibbs had lost a bit of weight rather quickly. We had been suspicious Pibbs was not quite right for a while.  Turns out the Pibster is diabetic.  He will need an insulin injection once daily from now on.  Hope it will get him back to normal and make him feel much better.


  1. A daily shot! I'd be combing the neighborhood to find someone to do that job for me. Pibbs is one lucky boy to have you taking care of him. Love that milk beard. He'd be great in one of those milk commercials--just a beard rather than a mustache.

  2. Hope you get to feeling better Pibbs. We'll be sending healing purrs your way!

    That milk looks tasty...sometimes my boys will drink some of my lactaid cereal milk too :)

  3. I hope Pibbs feels better soon, that milk face is too cute! Hugs, Mickie