Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Garden Snake Tragedy

Yes, a tragedy but first I'll share my Scrappy Stars for October.  Once again I dug thru the sewing room shelves and boxes to find lighter fabrics.  Also added more blues and then purples (you can see in unfinished centers).

                                      This morning I cut all the sparkly background fabric to see how many blocks I could get from it. Gosh, started with two yards and only 21 blocks.  The ebay seller had about 16-18 inches left so I'm waiting for it to arrive, maybe in mail today. That should yield five more background sets for a total of 26 to set 5x5. I do like the idea of these stars set into a square quilt. One extra block left for the back.  

 I started adding some snippets of novelty fabrics, see the kitty?  Some stars will have cats, horses, even chickens.  Beyond that there are pieces (parts?) of those too, like one 2.5" square has just feet of a chicken.  Kinda an unexpected find for those who will see the quilt up close.

Now, for those who don't want to see icky photo's or read of the tragedy, stop here.

As much as the Coach Whip (snake) scared me I was dismayed and saddened to find him dead on Sunday morning.  We had let the hens out and DH was helping clean out coop when the body was found.  Poor snake had become tangled in garden box netting and suffered an awful death. The garden is finished so we had not been going there to water.
 Snake's body was faded from a deep red to almost pink.  Bugs had been working their mortuary duties, parts of the skeleton were showing.   That snake had been eating up all the mousies living around the coop.  Mouse population was drastically reduced, a good thing.  We do hope another snake moves in to take over mousing duties (just not a rattler).  
Full length, the  live Coach Whip was a good six feet long.  Not much left of it now, all dried and shriveled up.  Sad, sad.
Photo of the red Sonoran species may be found HERE.
 Ok, for those who read the sad snake story, here is  a nice photo.
Miss Mimsy- at home in husbands den.  She has taken over the gaming table and DH.  Mimsy still just tolerates me-  ha, ha.  As long as she is happy oh well.
Now, I am off to mail box at end of dirt road.


  1. That's so sad about the snake. But I have to say your blocks look great! I seem to have a thing for square quilts. I've made several lately! :0)

  2. Okay...I LOVE that quilt. The more weird 2.5 inch squares to check out up close the better, I say. Ewwwwww on the snake! And that is such a cute kitty.

  3. I do like those stars! And I love to find little surprises in the quilt blocks. I got a smile at the chicken feet.

  4. I just love your stars. The 9 patch in the middle looks great. I am sad about the snake too. I even feel sorry for spiders. Love the kitty photo.

  5. That's a lovely quilt...it always amazes me how so many colors and patterns can look so good together! I have a hard time knowing if a fabric will 'work' or not in my projects.

  6. Love those stars!!!! I don't mind snakes and would welcome a benign one here to take out our mousies and chipmunks. Your cat cracks me up....she is such ....a cat :D Hugs, Mickie