Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Small Things

I've sat my big projects aside for a bit.   Summer life is so busy right now.  I am working on some  "Pioneer Pockets".   Pattern is in the book Country Fabric Scrap Crafts by Marti Michell.  She writes that pockets in dresses were not common in turn-of-the-century prairie days.  Instead of wasting fabric to have pockets in each dress a pocket on a waistband was sewn. It could be worn with everything.  Many times the pocket held a ladies sewing supplies.
Not many original pockets survive because they were an item used every day and they wore out.  Many were a young girls first sewing project.  The one below will be used to hold my sewing scissors and a spool of thread.  It just needs binding and waistband.
I had to order binding for all the pockets (still waiting to receive in mail), none to be found in local town.  It was suggested to use denim for pocket back so I did.  It was a mistake to use osnaburg for lining, thick heavy fabric was hard to turn back thru slash pocket opening.  These next two will have unbleached muslin lining.
Seed packet fabric will make a cute pocket to carry pruning snips and twine while working in garden.  Tomato plants are going wild and need tying up! 

Mimsy had her summer buzz cut and seems to always be cold.  No idea why she has to sleep with Zoey.
If Zoey knew she would pitch a big fit !!! (Good thing Zoe is sleep'in hard). LOL


  1. I've never heard of Pioneer Pockets before - they're like an apron only with more storage than just little apron pockets - very practical! I can't wait to see yours finished - love the sewing fabric!

  2. I've read about pockets, but had never seen one. That is a good idea. Yours are looking good, too. I like the seed packet fabric.