Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chicks Growing & Crazy Rain

Total of six chicks survived hatching.  You can see three really took after their daddy (white Silky roo).
 What a motley crew!  

One chicks feathers are frizzled (small kid on left).  He/she is spotted and striped like a chipmunk so no idea what color it will end up.
Those two red and brown chicks must be from the Polish hen as she is gold and black laced. The coloring is like her when she was a chick. Plus head feathers are taking shape like a Polish chicken.

You can sorta-kinda make out the frizzle feathers on closest chick.  Has to be from one of the Cochin frizzled bantams.  Eggs that did hatch were all small eggs. I was so sorry the big green egg did not hatch. It was heavy but at some point I guess it got cold or something else went wrong.  Eleven eggs are a lot for a small bantam hen to sit over and keep turned.

 Chicks learned to love melon, mom hen showed them it is good food.  BTW-  I had to remove mom, she was aggressive towards me and was teaching her chicks to fear humans.  Plus she decided she did not want the frizzle chick and was pecking it. Sheesh. Then the others turned on it too. Once mom was gone everything settled down.

This white chick is the largest out of all three and has a more prominent comb bump.
 He is boss, I hate to say he, hope I'm wrong. This one has regular shaped wing feathers. The other two white chicks have odd stringy wing feathers. It will be interesting to see how they end up.

Crazy rain every day now.  Clouds keep boiling up over the Huachuca Mountains.  The fort and town have been pounded.  The clouds blow over us and we get pounded. Heavy, heavy rain for long periods. Last night electricity was out for a while.
This storm blew over from Mule Mountains. I'm not complaining. It's great to have this much rain to replenish our underground aquifer.


  1. I would love to have chickens, but we have coyotes around here and I would have to have a completely enclosed space for them. Those chicks are so cute!

  2. Your chicks are just cuter than cute! And isn't it funny how after they're hatched mama just has no use for them? I found that out with the one and only chick that hatched here.

  3. If chicks are anything like humans, that bossy one has a great chance of being female. Just ask anyone in my family (who will be picturing me in their mind while answering;-})

  4. Cute chicks! Our neighbor is raising silkies for the fair this year. They're the cutest things! :0)