Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BOM House Block

Another month and another house block for the Country Homecoming quilt. Here is a link  to see other house blocks, she has a link list to other "builders". Actually I sewed one month ahead, the two on bottom row are new. 
        Gosh, I really gotta make some doors and windows for my houses. They will look so much better then.
And it's time to infuse some different plaid color themes I think.  Below are some cut parts for new houses.
At this point I may decide to stop at nine house blocks instead of sewing all twelve.  This will be a wall-hanging and I'm thinking three across and three down would be a better size to display in my home.

Lots of this going on for weeks and weeks.  We had a few days of hot sun but rain again today.
       I'm not complaining, the rain is still welcome. Everything that can be green is green and the garden stays happy.
                                        Moose and Dreamer are happy in grass.


  1. I like your house blocks and the use of plaids. Are those wools or cottons? And won't you send some of those clouds my way?
    best, nadia

  2. We've been getting lots of rain too - the gardens certainly needed it, but it's somewhat of a case of too little too late - the gardens are in really bad shape - too much heat and not enough rain really did a number on our veggies! We only got 3 little cucumbers from 4 plants, and got ZERO green peppers from 4 plants. The tomatoes started to ripen early, but lots of them have some kind of brown rot, and the rest are really not very nice to look at. Dreadful! I feel bad for the poor farmers - at least I only have a tiny garden - their livelihood depends on the weather!

    Pretty blocks - put them all up on the wall to see if 9 is enough - I think when you've had enough of making blocks, that's just the right number, LOL!

  3. Your houses are looking great. I think once you put the doors and windows on, you might want to finish all 12.

  4. I love house blocks and I love plaids, what's not to like, your blocks are great. You live in such a beautiful place and your posts on your chickens are so interesting. They look like they have lots of personality.

  5. I like very much your house blocks.....they really have "country style"! And I think they need doors and windows too!