Thursday, July 12, 2012

Country Homecoming BOM & Chick Update

My four blocks so far, one for each month since April.  I did not read about this BOM until end of May so had to catch up.  Is that a good excuse for not having doors and windows appliqued yet?  
You may see more plaid house blocks by checking  my blog list.  Others in the BOM have links to see more blocks so  I won't link here.

Chick Update:   Those two gold chicks were a surprise to us.  Then the white chick was born two days later.  Photo was taken on its birthday, she was just dried off from the shell. (I hope all end up being a "she" but what are the odds of that)?
All three have feathered legs like Silky roo dad. None yet show signs of having frizzled feathers, usually wings are curled but maybe too early.

Mom bantam hen is taking good care of her chicks. She is so happy to have them, making little cluck sounds so they get to know her. 
See how large and soft her eye is?   It gets small and beady when I get too close. LOL

Time for a nap!
Another surprise, a tiny black and red chick was born two days ago. It wants to hide under mom so will share a photo of it later.  Mom finally abandoned the unhatched eggs yesterday.  I put them out for the other two bantam hens to sit.  This is normal behavior, in three or four days mom hen wants to get up and teach her chicks how to eat and drink. 

Oh well, it's been hectic around here with new chicks and heat then heavy rains and humid heat.  Lots of muddy paws and panting poodles. Zoey hasn't been feeling well so I'm spending as much time as possible with  her.  Cannot believe she is 15 now, going on closer to 16.


  1. Love the houses.... I'm sure they will have windows and doors soon... the little chicks are so sweet and little... I bet you spend hours just watching them... I would...

  2. Awww, they are so sweet! Hope they grow well and prosper.

  3. Your houses are need to talk to your foremen about the doors and window getting done...(don't you wish!!:O).and the chicks are so sweet...too bad they grow into chickens!haha

  4. Nice blocks, I have such a hard time making my look like a house. :) I am so glad you have chicks. I got some Silkie chicks this year and I sure have enjoyed them. I took the chance and got straight run and I think I have 3 hens and a rooster, just what I wanted.
    What do you think if this weather, I bet you are getting lots of Monsoon moisture. We are just cooking but no moisture.
    Have a great weekend