Friday, July 6, 2012

Chicks Hatching

Big surprise yesterday! Found a broken shell in the small coop where bantam mom is sitting her eggs. Gently lifted her up and two tiny chicks fell out from under mom's wings.  Oh my!
 Chicks are a light buff color.  Very different from chicks hatched by Frizzie last year. All those chicks were grey and turned solid black. This bantam mom is one of Frizzie's chicks, the only one with smooth laying feathers.
 I gave this mom three bantam eggs and one large green egg. Figured if maybe two hatched that would be enough chicks to raise.  But, duh, I left coop door open and other hens were laying eggs in the nest, I did not realize until there were eleven eggs!  I watched one morning as mom left to dust bath and another bantam hen sat eggs while she was gone. Door was shut after that.

Last night we noticed many of the eggs had cracks so more chicks are trying to be "born".  I've read the mom will wait three or four days after the first chick hatches, then she will get off the nest to care for her brood.It's doubtful all the eggs will get a chance to hatch.
DH moved mom and nest to back porch in a crate.  We can regulate temps better and not worry about mice or snakes that could be looking for a chick dinner.
Update, found another chick this morning, same color as the others- so that is three so far.


  1. Just say NO to a chick dinner - no no no! Little sweetie looks so very soft and cuddly!!

  2. How exciting! Baby chicks are the sweetest things. Hope yours grow up well and healthy.

  3. Ah, they are so cute!!! Congrats :)