Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are These Not the Cutest?

Bags for Java,  made by Sandra .  She comes up with the cutest crafty items from small pieces of  fabrics.
Zipper bag on left is for special poodle treats. Basket bag on right I use to hold all the little medicine bottles for poodles and kitty's.  Thanks Sandra, sorry it took me so long to post photo of these wonderful gifties.

Java is doing much better on some new meds.   The big guy was actually able to get into his bed.
Sides of bed are kinda high for his back legs to step over. (Reminder that he has pins and plates from an injury years ago). He walks very stiff-legged and usually drags his toes. But he is looking comfy now.

Garden bounty.  My DH was surprised when I asked him to pick from the little garden boxes. Vege's are hidden under the mash of plants.  We had to search ;) to be sure nothing was missed.

So nice to have the fresh taste of garden tomato's. Lighter color tomato is "Mr. Stripey" but the stripes never showed even tho fruit is ripe and delish.

So much rain this summer.  We are thankful for every drop.   So cool to see this double cloudburst and catch it in a photo.  
As long as the rain keeps moving in then we don't worry so much about a threat of fire.  Grasses have started growing, it looks very lush now.  Mesquites beaned up early and have already dropped the pods.

Not much quilty stuff going on here for now. I've been doing too much physical "labor" and that makes the fibro mad.  Had a bad flare for a few days, it's on the wane now.  Just sleeping lots in between doing what has to be done. DH has been traveling for his job so lots for me to keep up with by myself.
Waiting for some patriotic fabrics to come in mail. More FQ's to finish more blocks. Hope to sit at sewing machine by weeks end. 


  1. What a gorgeous photo of the cloudbursts! Wow!
    Here in south Texas we can appreciate just how important those rains can be. We've had just enough this year to keep the wildfires down.
    The veggies look delicious!

  2. I'm glad you like your goodies, and I'm glad Java is feeling better - it's no fun to feel crappy - it's great that the new meds are working. I wish they could tell us when they're hurting - it's not always easy to figure it out by their behaviour. I've had a couple of episodes with Zoomer where I didn't catch that he was getting ill - I felt like a terrible kitty momma when I realized. Now I'm always on alert (which is stressful in itself!) but happily, he's doing well now - I hope it continues! And I hope Java continues to feel better too - please say hi to Mr. Pibbs from Z!! :D

  3. P.S. Please send the rain our way - we need a couple of solid days of the wet stuff - not just the occasional 5 minute spritz we've been getting!

  4. I popped over to see what was so cute, saw the pic and said to myself, "Those look like Sandra pouches." Sure enough! They are sweet. Love the photos, too.

  5. Your quilts are always so pretty...love how fast it seems like you get them done!

    My cat Smokey has slowed down a bit due to some arthritis...he's 16...we have been using Adequan, an injectable medicine for a year now, and see great improvements with him. Might be worth asking your vet about to see if it would help your poodles :)