Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week End Stuff

Project for this week. Desert Scape by Country Quilter. I've had the pattern for two years, time to work on it. My DH really likes this one so I'll try to get it to the top stage for his birthday at end of month.   He printed out all the pattern pieces, is that a hint or what?
I'll omit the 'dillo (those are over in Texas) and put quail there (lots of quail in the yard every day). Maybe add a coyote in place of a cactus, not sure I like the cow skull but what to put in it's place?   LOL  Have to think on that one.  Maybe a tusked desert pig. We saw two in our wash recently.

How does my garden grow?

I planted more tonight, just before dark.  More peppers around tomato plants. Those garlic and onions DH planted last fall. Still waiting to harvest. I tucked an acorn squash in the middle. Hope to harvest onions by the time squash spreads.

Red hen is snipping at the onions and then checks to see what else she can reach. I was surprised how far they can stick beaks right into the wire and grab leaves.

Second box now has more squash, yellow straightneck and room for zucchini. Mini melon at end, I bet it takes over the box! Ha.
Found the old ornamental sprinkler we used in South Carolina. It is broke, no longer spins but I like it for looks. Now we need to finish a third garden box.  I started gourd seeds and (oh my) pumpkin seeds too.  Surely there is not room in one box for those but I'm gonna try.  I was amazed at all the produce my neighbor grew in small boxes last year.

The Barred Rock and R.I. Red chicks are growing up.  It's almost hard to tell them from all the others.
 I was amazed at how the old hens accepted new chicks with no fighting.  The chicks
 roosted in the big hen coop tonight (to my surprise).  Just my Polish hen and the green egg layer stayed in small coop.  I'll have to get up early and open  doors, it will be crowded when they all wake up.

Little hen girls followed me around while I was planting and watering.  They looked very tired and sleepy-eyed, finally settling down nearby.
I hope this bunch stays friendly and underfoot like they are now.  (But I'll have to learn not to step on their toes!).

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful!! I love quilts and a small one that I use as a wall hanging. I have no talent for making them, though. Your comment on my blog cracked me up. No complaints about the back garden but my front landscaping just needs time to dry out and grow up. It's a bit pimpley and moody right now. LOVE your chickens. I have major chicken lust!!!! :o)