Thursday, May 31, 2012

House BOM

My houses are sewn for the BOM over at cottonsnwoolens (blog).  I think there are four of us, I'm catching up since the BOM started in April.  The quilt is from the book "Primitive Gatherings" by Terry Burkhart & Rozan Meacham.  Twelve plaid house blocks surrounded by pretty appliqued borders  make a very stunning primitive style quilt. 

All the houses have applique doors and windows I'm leaving for last (cuz I'm a big chicken when it comes to applique). The other gals sharing block photos have done some very excellent applique on their houses.

Speaking of a big chicken- Dottie (Wyandotte hen) was disturbed when I walked in the coop to check for eggs. She puffed up pom-pom style at me.

I stepped out for a little bit and came back to find her telling everyone all about the pretty brown egg she left in the nest.
That smaller white egg is from the Polish hen, Cookoo.   So far none of the hens are showing signs of broodiness. Keeping fingers crossed about that !!! LOL

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  1. Heavens she DOES look like a puffy pompom - that's adorable, lol!

    Your house blocks are great - what kind of applique are you going to do for the windows/doors - the turn under kind or the zigzag raw edges kind? I'd be nervous about the former, but the latter is easy!