Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Changed Mind on Quilt Project

Remember this one? My DH picked out the kit.  I worked on it towards end of 2010.  It arrived back from quilter January 2011. Then it was gifted to a good friend of my DH's (retirement gift).
The kit had FQ's for all those bear paw blocks. Lots of fabric left after sewing blocks so I purchased another center panel and border print (all on sale! Yeah!).  DH wanted this quilt made for him too so, I am going to make it for his B-day quilt.  Decided to wait on Desert Scape pattern , it needs to be made using batiks. I dug and dug thru my stash and could not come up with prints that would do it justice. Maybe DH would like to help select the batiks with me. Bella Quilts in Tucson has a great selection.

On the outdoor front-
We put this one outside after danger of frost. Lots of water and sunshine made it grow and glow.  Pink flowers grow in leaf folds. It's called "Moses in the Boat".

Patio Tomato plant on front porch. Birds are snacking here. Must cover with netting if us humans want some too.

Shed is finally painted (by HandyMan Jim, he does great work!).  I think this shed could use a bit of decoration. Maybe a few "Barn Quilt Blocks".  So many projects I want for outside, painting blocks may be worth taking time for soon.

Mustn't forget to share these two Beautiful Dreamers. (Wonks & Pibbs).
Found them like this last night on my way to bed. LOL


  1. The quilt is lovely..... good luck with finding your batiks.... Wonks and Pibbs look very cosy together....

  2. OoOooOoo shopping for batiks - my friend and I did that this past weekend - well - she was shopping for batiks - I was there for moral support! I found a batik that I thought would work for her project (a summer purse for the beach) but they only had 1/2 metre and I decided that I wanted it, so she had to pick something else, haha! I would have given it to her if she had wanted it, but happily she found something she liked better :D

  3. awwwwwwwwwww, the puppy and kitty look so cute!!! Your plants are lovely and yes, I do remember that quilt! I wish I could send you some of our rain. We are losing a ton of plants because of rot at this point. Hopefully your weather will improve soon. All in all, I'd rather deal with the deluges rather than drought. Hugs, Mickie

  4. Your sleeping babies made me smile. I don't know how people survive without pets! Congratulations on a beautiful shed. Yes, I'm sure quilt blocks painted on would make it even prettier. :) And we have to be pretty early around here to beat the birds, worms, squirrels and bugs to the tomatoes!

  5. yes, you should definitely put a quilt block on your shed.
    the new quilt will make a nice gift, for sure.