Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quilting Bow Tie Top

Dragged my (home-made) big ironing board out to living room. Never wanted to pin a quilt again but I did it.  Watched re-runs of The Mentalist to make it less painful. 

I like to use a poly batting that can be iron fused but wanted cotton Mountain mist in this baby quilt.

Grid quilting.  The ironing board has a vinyl table cloth wrapped over the top so it's slippery.  The board was level to sewing table and really helped to support the quilt. 
I love my old Viking machine.  The foot works like a walking foot so there were no puckers.   Most quilting is finished, I stayed up late last night to finish but tonight there is still one border left.  Can't wait to wash and dry to see the puckered look it will have.

Meet my friendly fat lizard friend.  The critter lives out front.   I see it sunning on the block wall then afternoons near a water faucet. Some days it really startles me.  DH shot another rattle snake up in horse barn last week.  So, anything resembling a snake-like creature makes me jump back!
 Wish I had my camera when I found a red coach whip snake out front. Mouse had it up a tree. I sent Mouse inside and that snake slithered down and was gone so fast I could not keep up with it (with my eyes!). LOL  It is not a poisonous snake but will bite if bothered.  Dang thing comes around during summers and likes to coil up under rose bushes. Ick.  

Wanted to say thank you to those who emailed and commented on Zoey.
  She is holding her own so far. Zoey is eating baked chicken  and graham crackers to sooth upset tummy, tonight she had some kibble with her chicken.  I drove to Ft. Huachuca today, dropped off pot-luck food to DH. Took Zoey with and we did the drive-thru to McDonalds.  Bought her chicken nuggets but she was more interested in my burger and fries.  (Yah, so we traded- ha).



  1. I can't wait to see your baby quilt finished! I love sewing with the TV on - I find I have a longer attention span for projects I really NEED to get done (or those projects that I'm not having a lot of fun with) if I have the TV on to distract me a bit - and I do love The Mentalist!

    I'm glad Zoey is eating, but not so glad about your snakes - YIKES and EWWWWWWWWW!! Your little lizard friend is cute - I hope snakes don't eat them??!!

  2. I love frogs, toad, lizards, snakes, well, all those little beasts. Hope you will get a pic of that snake someday!