Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh My- Decisions Decisions

Changed my mind on the border fabric.  Sewed it on and frog stitched off the next morning.  It just  didn't look right.  The Aunt Grace line was newer and popular when I joined this 1930's reproduction swap. What I purchased recently is so different and bright.   
Found a softer orangy small plaid in stash. Also a soft yellow with orange plaid for back. I'll save the new 30's fabrics for another quilt.  There is a shop in Tucson that carries 30's repro fabrics.  A few brighter FQ's added to what I have will make a different and cute baby quilt.  (Even my DH likes the plaid better).

Dear old Zoey my Zoodlebug is aging quickly now.  She is on daily pain meds to get around.  Her gait is unsteady, wobbly but she is still able to get up alone.  Her appetite is good but she is so bony at just 33lbs.  
My heart aches for what is coming.  I know Zoey still enjoys life, she still looks forward to Jeep rides and slowly toddles out with me to care for the chickens.  But, soon I'll know when she no longer enjoys life, right now it's one day at a time.

Hope to get that little baby quilt sandwiched tomorrow and start the quilting too.  I'll cut scrap strips from left-over Aunt Grace for binding.  I sure wish the fabric company would do a second release of those darling prints again.

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