Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finished A Project !

Washed and dried to crinkled perfection.  Have to say I really enjoyed working on this little quilt (42"x50").  It was fun to watch it taking shape, and very rewarding to finish a quilt. So glad I decided on a simple grid quilting pattern, maybe that is how someone in the 1930's would have quilted a quilt like this.
Simple straight line quilting on borders.  Notice that scrappy pieced binding?  Idea is from  quilts seen at other blogs.  Lots of great ideas out there!

Backing is a $3 per yard woven plaid by Piece of Cake designs. What a bargain on eBay, I purchased all they had on sale.   Love love the fabric.  Like it was meant for this quilt.  :)
Tiny orangy thread stripes matched the front border.  Yellow is my favorite color, makes me feel happy to see yellow.  After washing, the fabric is very smooth and soft feeling.

More photos to show crinkles.  Mountain Mist cotton batting is great if you want the crinkled antique look. It's a very thin batting, just right for warm Arizona.

My DH says I spent so much time on this quilt that it should go to a relative or someone I know.  He realizes how I feel about these 1930's prints.

I think it should go to the couple and baby it was intended for.  I just hope the new mom likes my creation.
Will a non-quilter know the fabrics are special, now out of print? Will they think it was just a bunch of old scraps?  Will they know it was planned, right down to the scrappy binding?  Oh well,  cannot worry about that.  

Zoey and Matilda.  Very unusual for Zoe to stay put when another poodle encroaches on her space.
Matilda is upset that Chelsea is in "her" spot over on the sofa. LOL

Little while later Matilda gets her spot back.
Funny girl!

I have some important emails to send some caring fellow quilters.  First thing in the morning !!!  I'll share soon what that is all about.


  1. The quilt is lovely... I also love them washed and dried and crinkled to perfection..... and I also wonder when I give a quilt away if the person is going to appreciate what is being given.... the dogs are such characters....

  2. The quilt is fantastic, I love 30s fabrics and think you nailed it as to the period! the yellow fabric too since that is also my favorite color! Zoe and Matilda make me laugh, our poodle babies are so much like kids! :) Hugs, Mickie

  3. Beautiful quilt. It looks like something in a museum of 30's quilts. Such beautiful work and I do hope the recipient appreciated what she has.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww the quilt is just lovely - so sweet for a little one!

    Aha I see Mickie has beat me to the comments section - I know her and her poodles personally!

  5. Your baby quilt turned out really beautiful, and I'm sure they will feel the love and care that went into it. I've been surprised at how people react when they receive one. It's not that common an occurrence. And yeah, the 1930's have a special place in my heart, too. I just keep buying more of them. And petting them once they're here. ;)