Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday Night Sew-in

Didn't get much finished. The first border is on, a narrow muslin strip. I started around 5pm, had to (wrestle with)  iron and starch a nine yard piece of muslin before cutting. Many of the swap blocks needed ripping  and re-sewing before being sewn into rows. Could not use a few as they were 1/4 " too small and seams were too narrow to rip and re-sew.  I was glad I had enough different fabric scraps and FQ's to make the 14 more blocks needed.
DH arrived home from work with a pizza (I guess left-overs did not sound so good to him).  We stashed pizza in oven and went out to do chores. Then before we knew it the clock had ticked to 8pm.  We ended up eating  salad and pizza while watching tv then I was off to bed early.

This Sunday afternoon is mine so I have starched the border and binding fabrics.   Yellow will be border and pink dot is binding fabric. Getting ready to cut now.
  There is a green dot fabric for backing. I'll piece the green with what is left of yellow and pink to make a patchwork back. (I forgot to photo the green).  DH was hoping to take the finished quilt to work on Monday.  Not so sure that will happen.

On the ranching front (LOL):  Onions and garlic harvested. They were bolting and I read all would be spoiled so we dug them up.
The garlic has to dry but we used some of those red onions in fried potatoes for breaky this morning.  Yum yum, they smelled good and were tasty.

One of the bantam Cochin hens is broody so I let her have a few eggs. One green Easter Egger, two Cochin bantam, and one Polish egg.  Dad to all is the white Silky roo.
This is her first time sitting, not sure if she will stick to it (two days now).  If she hatches those eggs chicks will be cute, I'm sure they will find homes. Depends on if my DH will be willing to give up chicks. Ha.  He is getting worse than me!

Hot, hot and fly season is upon us. Moose and Dreamer eagerly stick their necks out to have fly masks put on.  Both get an early chunk of hay outside. By noon it's time for shade up in stalls.
Around 6pm they run back down to their play pen for supper and night sleep.
Now, I better get sewing on that baby quilt.


  1. Your quilt is looking great, well done.

  2. what a shame you had to fix so many of the blocks... it really looks lovely though.... fresh onions from the garden ... so good.

  3. That baby quilt is so cute!!! The horses look happy, hope you have chicks soon!

  4. Lots of loveliness on your homestead. Great bowtie quilt. Another pattern on my 'want to make' list.

  5. It really does look pretty so far. I like those fabrics you've chosen to compliment the bow tie blocks. It is going to be so cute!

  6. The quilt top is so pretty! I love patchworked backs - they always look like extra effort went into making them! I have a tutorial somewhere to make that block with a 3 dimensional look - I need to try it out - it's such a perfect block for baby quilts, and would be equally pretty in boys OR girls colours!