Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Quilt In Progress

DH came home from work asking if I had a baby quilt to give to a fellow he works with (Yah, sure, let me pull one from the stack).   Long story short- I went to my stashed swap blocks.   Found these, yeah! 
Also found a bag of 1930 reproduction FQ's and scrap pieces.  I sewed 14 more blocks to make a good baby size.   Below photo is what I came up with.  It was fun to sew a few more blocks and then arrange all into rows.
Oh fun, yesterday I went to the LQS to find border and backing.  Not a great selection, only a few bolts to choose from.  I'll show what I picked out later.   

Mimsy is having fun watching bird activity out front.  The porch is lousy with birds flitting and calling.  Sometimes a person cannot her their own thoughts over bird chatter.

Mims has turned into a sweet kitty...... since I found her weak spot. 
She loves canned kitty food.  Now instead of hissing at me, she cuddles.  What a change. Funny how I had to bribe her, she has always loved my DH.  LOL 

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