Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Plaid Blocks

Finally revealing the plaid blocks, this is my first one. I'm really loving the plaids.

The background (unbleached osnaburg) fabric really wanted to fray. So glad I used double starch. So far plaids are not fraying. Starch really helps.
Design wall (batting)  blocks are pinned to is a bit wavy so it looks kinda wonky.  These are 12 inch blocks.
All of these house blocks will eventually have appliqued doors and windows.   I'll do the applique once  a third block is finished.  Once a third block is completed then I'm caught up for the challenge.

Dear Mimsy, the silent one.  She does meow sometimes but it's more of a squeak sound. Most of the time she opens her mouth no sound comes out at all.  The most noise she makes is hissing. LOL Mims does not like other kitties in her space. Hiss, hiss, hisssssss.
Mims is due to go in for her  summer buzz. DH said this time she may have a "Lion" cut.
Not sure what Dear Mims will think of that.


  1. She doesn't look too thrilled about it to me. LOL Your house blocks look wonderful!

  2. She looks about as happy as my boys do when they are going to get groomed!!! LOL!!
    Your blocks are cool, love the plaid, gives it good depth!
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. House blocks! Perfect for plaids - they're going to be fantastic when they get doors and windows! Mimsy is very pretty - LOL @ the hissing :D Zoomer used to get "puffy tail" when he would see other kitties outside (he's an inside cat, so he only sees them from windows) invading his space :D He doesn't do it any more - I guess he finally realized that the outsiders would never come inside, lol!