Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Friday Night Sew-In

Wanted to do more but it got late.  I enjoyed what I did accomplish, even if it was to just cut for two hours.  Hey, it's a start! LOL  (I was kinda watching tv while cutting plus had to break and feed the poodle-kids)

I cut some of the plaids.  Enough to make four blocks. I'm making two blocks from each set of colors.  Maybe I will make two quilts so there is an extra one to gift.
I cut lots of background pieces.   I'm already excited to sew these blocks to share what they are. Maybe I can carve out some sew time Sunday night.

Meanwhile....... out at the coop.  Spring time keeps the black Australorp  very broody.  She fights to collect all the eggs from other hens.  They get crushed in her madness.   
So, I moved her back into the smaller coop where the chicks are living.  She sits on the top roost board and fluffs at everyone.  There is no nest for her to sit.  When I walked into the coop her hackles went up, tail fanned out and she made a menacing cluck sound over and over.
She kept turning around and around clucking to show me how mad she was.  This has been going on for a few days now.  I was tempted to give her some eggs to hatch, did that last year and she abandoned them after two weeks.  Plus I don't need anymore noisy roosters, that's for sure!


  1. Cutting fabric can take up a lot of time.... but once it is done the fun can begin....

  2. Getting the fabric done is major work in my world, the sewing part is fun! Your chicken is beautiful even if she is being a bit diva-ish (okay as much as a chicken can be a diva).
    Hugs to you and the poodle babies!

  3. My little Esmerelda has been doing the same thing. I just relieve her of the eggs every time I go out there. Can't wait to see the new blocks!

  4. I think you made great use of your time. With the cutting done the fun can begin! I'm curious to see the new blocks. Guess I'll have to come back and see :)

  5. Cutting out the pieces for the blocks is a HUGE timesaver - good for you for getting that much done! Just think how much quicker the blocks will go together when you get stitching! I'm looking forward to seeing what you're doing with the plaid, and I think it's a great idea to cut out extra blocks - you'll be 1/4 of the way done when you start the second project, lol! I made a sweet little Pink Penguin basket last night for my g-nephew - I made one last week with the same owl print, but this one is bigger, so the little one can tuck inside the bigger one :) I think his momma will like it! I actually got a picture of it on my neighbour's head - I was almost finished sewing it when they called me outside so when I went to see what they wanted, it turned out that my sons and husband and several of our neighbours were having a beer outside. I went out to see what they were doing, and I still had the basket in my hand. I ended up tucking it on one guy's head as a joke, and someone got a picture, LOL. My niece will laugh when I tell her what the basket went through before it got to her house! ;)