Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Challenge To Myself

Decided to cut and sew a few new blocks to get myself back to sewing.  A few other bloggers started a BOM challenge from a book I've been looking at to make a few projects from.  This project was second on my list.  Fabric (unbleached osnaburg) under the plaids will be blocks background. Each block uses three plaids.

 Once a block or two get finished then I'll reveal more about this project.  The horse quilt is slowly being worked on but I won't share that until it is a top.

So much spring time work to be done, I am  very busy.  Summer heat is coming on so all the poodle kids need clipping.  Java and Chelsea just need a bit of scissoring, then Wonky is next.
                        Wonky- "They call me Mr. Fuzzybuttons (but not for much longer!)".

Silly roosters wake us up way too early (5am) every morning. Full moon last week and they were crowing at 3am.  Hubby has decided our next project is to relocate roo-gang to other side of house.
  Corky has been hanging out on shed roof.  I run him off several times a day. (Yes, he makes a mess up there!). Uck.    He is low-roo so gets picked on the most.  I do let him stay in the side porch area. The others don't fly over to bug Corky.

Mr.Pibbs likes to sleep in different spots.  DH left his rollercase out and Pibbs claimed it right away.
                                          That cat looks pleased as punch!

Now I'm off to water the garden and plant a few squashes. HomeDespot had a new selection of vege's, I also picked up some pretty Zinnia starts.  Hope the flowers last in summer's heat.


  1. What a pretty rooster! What kind is he? My neighbors, I'm sure, heaved a collective sigh of relief when we got rid of the two we had. One never made a peep, he was the low man on the chicken pole.

  2. Love the plaids.... will be great to work with.... Corky has found a safe place for himself....

  3. I haven't been doing much sewing lately either - I've finished a few small projects but the To Do list is very long, and most days I just can't sit my butt down to sew - I hope that changes soon! I love your plaids - plaid always makes such a lovely quilt - I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the challenge!