Thursday, May 3, 2012

Local Quilt Shop Visit

Closest shop to me, The Squirrels Nest. It's way south , a good thirty min drive thru Sierra Vista and on south of city center.  The shop is a  metal barn looking building painted red. Uh, forgot to photo outside.  I traveled back to purchase more of the green fabric for horse quilt.  Purchased  last two yards 20% off.
 Fabric selection is not fabulous since the owner passed a few years ago.  Her husband is trying to keep it open but has let inventory get thin.  Building plus more land is for sale, has been for three years now. If interested you may purchase for a cool million (!).
Empty space is where they usually have a HandiQuilter and frame set up.  The last unit finally sold at local quilt show in February.  It had sat in the store for two years. Not sure if they will set up another machine because none of the sales ladies know how to use the machines to demo.  (Clerk told me this).

Back wall has dropped ceiling where classrooms are located along with yarn and wool area. I think there is an apartment above. The rest is high ceiling where customer quilts are often displayed.
 Owners wife was an avid spinner and selection used to be huge. They even carried antique spinning wheels. Lady hired to manage the store seems to have let the place go, not really a fun place to shop. Some clerks can be rude, how sad. I think if a new owner came in with positive attitude and knew how to merchandise they could make a go of this place. Sure would be nice to have a fun shop to shop at.

Caught Mr. Pibbs napping at front door. He loves to bath in sun.  Old guy sleeps a lot these days (when he's not trying to mooch a treat or sitting on back porch watching roosters).
  Hot weather is coming soon so doors will have to be closed then.  It's been wonderful enjoying cool temps and hearing birds sing and chatter all day.

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  1. Awwwwwwww it's sad that her dream of owning and running a quilt shop, is going down the drain because her dream isn't THEIR dream :(

    Mr. Pibbs looks very comfy in his sunbeam :) We had a big thunderstorm tonight - they really freak Z out so he went tearing into the basement to hide until it was over. Oh - I just saw a bolt of lightning through the curtains - I think it's going to start up again - I bet he'll take off again!