Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh Sheesh, The Well Is Down

Always something going on around here. The main well is down, needs a new pump and some pipe repairs. It stopped pumping late Wednesday night.  Neighbors on well share did not let us know until Thursday night. We have a water storage tank and cannot tell when the pump stops.   If I had known then I would have conserved water and not done laundry and other things that could have waited. Thank goodness we've been saving empty coffee containers.
 I went up to horse paddocks and scooped out water tubs to water garden and potted plants. (Horses stay down in a two acre field when weather is nice). Glad we have the atv and little cart for hauling stuff.  Now I won't feel so guilty using water for a shower. LOL
We really, really hope well repairs will be completed by Saturday afternoon.

Those Sand Dogs again.  Mouse and Wonky won't give up their sand pile.  It's kinda gotten spread out from their play.

 Poodle kids don't know their sand pile will dwindle more when the new shed gets a coat of stucco.

New panto in my quilting  patterns library.  "Jessie's Continuous Baptist Fan".  I think it will look great on those Churn Dash tops and some other blocks I need to top.
One review of this panto said she was a beginner and the pattern was easy to follow.  I really, really need to get things sorted out so I can fire up the HQ16.


  1. Hope your water sorts out soon.... but at least the dogs are still having fun.... you may need to make a special sand pit for them.... I like the look of those fans...

  2. Oh, bummer! Water is something well nigh impossible to do without. Glad you have a little bit of a backup supply.